Meet your human needs

Full hypnosis download: Meet your human needs

What does it take to be a healthy, balanced, happy human being functioning well in society? Surprisingly, nobody seriously addressed this question until relatively recently. Lots of attention was paid to what makes people sick, or mad, or evil, and what needed to be done about them. But it took a long time for the opposite question to become the subject of serious research. What makes a good, healthy life?

We’re fortunate to be living on the other side of the divide. The work of Abraham Maslow, the development of positive psychology, the development of human givens theory by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, have all fed into the contemporary understanding that certain primal needs underpin ‘wellness’. Look after those needs and you will be, largely, okay. And you can’t ask for more than that.

It sounds simple, and it is. But it’s not necessarily easy. Looking after your needs for security, privacy, autonomy, achievement, meaning, attention, status, intimacy, connection and the rest of it while also coping with all the pressures of living in our frantic modern world can seem like a lot to ask. Even if you are aware that these needs are fundamental to your ultimate well-being.

So I’m pretty pleased with our new Meet your human needs session from This session will really help people get a sense of what needs are being well looked after in their lives and what needs need more priority. And help them give it that priority. Which should lead to a lot of happier people.

All the best